Undertaking risk assessments is a legal requirement that helps you minimise the chances of harm to your employees, customers and visitors.

Once you have identified the risks in your workplace it becomes easier to work out how to manage that workplace in a way that is as safe as reasonably practicable.

The Health and Safety Authority recommends a three-step process:

  • 1. Identifying the hazards in the workplace(s) under your control.
  • 2. Assessing the risks presented by these hazards.
  • 3. Putting control measures in place to reduce the risk of these hazards causing harmThe Health & Safety

Obviously, some workplaces are inherently more risky than others. Even in relatively low risk environments such as offices, you are obliged to carry out the risk assessment process and for good reason as office related injuries are numerous because so many of us work in them. So, risks from such things as poorly set up workstations, trip and slip hazards, driving on company business, incorrectly lifting that PC or Printer etc. need to be addressed.

If you need some help in dealing with this because you have no one with the time or expertise to do it for you, then we would be happy to help.

Our aim is to help you meet your Health & Safety obligations with the minimum of fuss so that you are able to demonstrate your compliance with the law and even more importantly, so that you end up with a safer workplace for you and your staff.

Please call us to talk through your risk assessment requirements.


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